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Pacific Islands

The first three rules of
holidaying in The Pacific?
Sun. Fun. Relax.

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Pacific Cruises

Life doesn’t always have to be go, go, go. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and unwind on a Pacific cruise. You might like to let off steam by trying lots of exciting things, or just kicking back and going with the flow. Hey, no need to choose, we’ve got both angles covered.

First up, take a stroll through the colonial architecture in Noumea. Then grab your snorkel and goggles and hang with the weird and wonderful marine life on Vanuatu’s Mystery Island. Then cruise to Fiji to feast yourself silly at a beachside BBQ in Port Denarau before watching a Fijian Fire Walking and Cultural show (any volunteers?). Next it’s time to give the credit card a workout with all the duty free bargains in the Fijian capital, Suva.

Or if you’re feeling super cultural you can visit Sawani Village and meet a real life Fijian warrior. Don’t be scared, they’re big softies.


Then cruise back to New Caledonia to get lost among the famous pines on the aptly named Isle of Pines. Like the sound of that? Well lucky for you, somewhere in the picture-postcard South Pacific, there’s a Carnival cruise holiday with your name on it. Make your booking today!


Gallery: Pacific Island Ports of Call

Date Days Name Fares from

Port Vila

Get your pirate persona out and hunt for some treasures me hearties.

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It won't take long to find your French side in this city. See for yourself mon ami.

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Isle Of Pines

Also known as "The Jewel of The Pacific". Ooh, sounds pretty. Sounds sparkly. Sounds pretty spot on.

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Lifou Isle

Beautiful, breathtaking, adventure packed, stunning, picturesque, pristine... and that's just for starters

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Can you smell that? Smells like fun. Smells like adventure. Smells like... your cup of tea.

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Mystery Island

Look at that white powdery sand. Kinda makes you want to make a sand angel, doesn't it?

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A flawless destination for relaxation, exporation and culture.

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No electricity, no mobile phones, no roads. Sounds like no worries to me.

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Mare is the Pacific Islands at their best. The water's so crystal clear blue it looks fake!

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So what does this Capital city have to offer? A little bit of everything

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Port Denarau

Gee, it's hard to feel blue when you're surrounded by so much, well... blue.

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