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Find out more on the Rooms and Accommodation at Carnival Cruise Line Australia.


With all this comfort and all these standard features, you've gotta try real hard to get homesick on a Carnival cruise.

It's Showtime

Grab the remote and take in a show or two, or just enjoy a good flick. All from the comfort of your room.

Connecting Door Fun

Enjoy all of the fun with your friends or family with rooms featuring connecting doors.

Towel Animals!

Lions and tigers and ligers... oh my! Our room stewards fold you a daily selection from the (towel) animal kingdom.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze

There's nothing better than waking up to a fresh sea breeze from your own private balcony.

Fold-Out Beds

Experience comfort with Carnival. Fold-out beds let you save money and fit a family comfortably in one room.

Carnival Comfort

Sleeping never felt so good. We dare you not to fall asleep on bedding this soft and comfortable.


When it comes to rooms, one size only fits some. That's why we've got enough variety to satisfy any type of fun seeker.


Our most affordable way to experience all the excitement, without cutting corners on comfort.

Full private bathroom, 24-hour room service (at a fee) - plus linens you can feel at home in - make this the perfect spot to curl up after a long day's fun.

Available Features

Ocean View

These comfy rooms with a view let you sail along to beautiful destinations while gazing at the sort of vistas you simply won't find anywhere on land.

Available Features


Any time you're in your room, you're steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis... designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views.

Available Features


Get all the comforts of home and then some, with absolutely none of the hassles. Since your suite gives you VIP status, you're the priority when it comes to getting on and off the ship.

Plus, you'll receive a ton of exclusive amenities making this the ultimate way to cruise. Get comfy... stretch out, put your feet up, or just spend time on your balcony - you've got one of our most spacious rooms.

Available Features

Exclusive Amenities


Whether you're traveling as a family, or looking for a little extra relaxation, we have ways of making you comfy.

Make the most of your family-style holiday with family-friendly features available on our ships. We've got rooms that comfortably accommodate up to four people, with that additional bit of space, so you can feel comfortable with the whole family.

If you need more beds, book connecting rooms and open the door between you for that instant second bedroom feel.

You've entered your room, and now it is time to relax. Nothing adds to the serenity of your room quite like our enhanced amenities. Cruise in comfort with high quality features like soft carpeting, indirect lighting, lots of cupboard space and individual climate control.

You'll be in cruise heaven once you pop on that fluffy bathrobe, lie down on your high quality mattress and rest your head on the fluffiest of pillows. Choose from a king or twin beds to unwind and recharge your batteries for the next day of your cruise.

So you're in the mood for some good eats, but you'd rather stay in your comfy, cozy room? Really, who could blame you? Simply pick up the phone and order something from our tasty room service menu*.

And since you get hungry when you get hungry, room service is available any time of the day (or night) and delivered right to your door.

*Additional fees apply.

On a Carnival cruise, your stateroom is your home base. When the day is done, once you've had your fill of fun, you'll head back to your stateroom and settle in for the night. And whether it's day or night, all staterooms have a room steward on duty, a friendly, always smiling attendant.

They can assist you with your room, will service it daily and provide a turn down service every night. You steward is also skilled in the special art of towel animals, be sure to see a new creation every night.


We make sure your Carnival cruise has what it takes to take your holiday to the next level. If it wasn't there already.

Flexible Rooms

Adding friends equals multiplying the fun. That's the idea, and why select Carnival rooms sleep up to four.

Connecting Rooms

Keep the group together. Some rooms have connecting rooms with a common door between them.


When it comes to bathrooms, you can take it to the next level with a whirlpool bath found in our suites.

Accessible Cruising

Specially modified rooms are available for guests with special needs. Let Carnival take care of your requirements.