Ol' Fashioned BBQ

The latest fashion isn’t always the greatest fashion. Especially when it comes to BBQ! The pros aren’t trendy, they’re traditionalists - the guys and gals who are still doin’ it up low and slow and smoky, the way it’s been done since just about forever. That’s quality. And if it’s good enough to get the thumbs-up in the backyard or the pit joint down the street… we’ll have a plate. You grab one too! That’s why we call our place Ol’ Fashioned BBQ, and why it sticks to classics like braised pork butt, smoked beef and dry-rubbed grilled chicken. How about the sides? No surprises, nothing showy: mac-n-cheese, molasses baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad. Solid. Finish with your choice of sauce to take a solid dish straight to backyard perfection… but at sea.

The Details

Meal Time: Lunch
Menu: Lunch
Cost: Included