Cruise from Australia 2021

Fun starts here!

Where can I cruise from in 2021?

Carnival cruises departing Sydney and Brisbane in 2021 set sail to a range of destinations, with short or longer cruise deals on offer.



You can explore the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, embark on Tasmania and Moreton Island cruises, journey across the Tasman to New Zealand or sail away on exotic South Pacific cruises from Australia in 2021 with Carnival.

Your state-of-the-art Carnival cruise ships are the ultimate way to travel in the spirit of family-friendly fun. No matter your cruise duration or destination, once on board, the journey truly begins.


Over 45 activities daily onboard including:

and so much more.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the best cruise from Australia to go on 2021?

Being in cruise-holiday mode is a magical way to travel.

On a cruise from Australia in 2021 you'll be setting sail with the best facilities and activities on board your Carnival ship.

You can journey throughout Australia and internationally with a wide range of Carnival cruise deals in 2021, including:

When are 2021 cruises from Australia released?

Carnival offers an online selection of 2021 cruises from Australia for you to choose and order.

How to pick a cruise destination from Australia?

Depending on when and where you and your family prefer to travel from Australia in 2021, Carnival offers a great range of cruises, last-minute cruise deals and cruises around Australia.

What to pack for a cruise from Australia?

We have recommendations on what to pack for your cruise here, but don't forget to pack a spirit of adventure on board your Carnival cruise from Australia 2021.

When can I check in?

You can choose your check-in time online up to three months prior to your departure date for your cruise from Australia 2021 with Carnival. You will need your booking name, booking reference number, valid passport and credit card details for online check in.

When to go on a cruise from Australia?

It's cruising season all year round at Carnival and we're sure you will love our cruises from Australia in 2021 with Carnival.

Do you need a passport for a cruise from Australia?

If you're planning a shore excursion at an international destination, you will need a passport with validation for six months after your cruise departure date.