Cruise from Australia 2022

Escape with Carnival!

Set sail from 2 Ports in Australia

Set sail from Sydney with Carnival Cruise Line in the cruises from Australia 2022 range.


Cruises from Australia in 2022 are a great way to spend some much-needed time away.

Make the most of destinations and shore excursions to create memories that will last forever.

And enjoy your time onboard, with more than 45 activities designed to entertain the kids and the whole family.

A 2022 cruise can be a few days away at sea to recharge the batteries, or a week-long holiday cruise to some stunning Australian and South Pacific destinations.

Dust your cases off, bring your beach towel out of retirement, and get your sarong ready, as you take time off for some real rest and relaxation.


Onboard Carnival, there’s a huge selection of things to do and see, but always assured are our:

Plus so much more on a Carnival cruise from Australia in 2022!

Pack your spirit for family fun for your cruises from Australia 2022 with Carnival.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are cruises from Australia operating in 2022?

Get some great deals with our cruises from Australia in 2022. Enjoy a relaxing long weekend away doing as much or as little as you like, or make the most of some stunning Australian and international destinations. Our cruise offers from Australia in 2022 include:

Keep up to date with the latest 2022 cruise travel information here.

What month in 2022 is the best for cruising Australia?

Given the weather around Australia, there usually isn’t a bad time to visit cruise destinations from Australia in 2022. It all depends on the destinations themselves. At the moment, our 2022 cruises include holidays in:

Keep an eye out for other cruise offers from Australia in 2022 including:

Where can a cruise from Australia take me in 2022?

At Carnival, you can choose a 2022 cruise destination either to an Australian port, or some stunning international destinations. Swim with amazing maritime life, dive among reefs in crystal clear waters, walk along white sandy beaches, and enjoy some amazing food, wine, and culture with a cruise holiday in 2022 to:

And our Australia cruises in 2022 also include some relaxing Getaway cruises from Sydney. Spend a 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days at sea getting away from it all and enjoying the activities onboard. They’re a great option if you want a short break.

Who should cruise from Australia 2022?

Cruises from Australia in 2022 are perfect for everyone. Our cruise ships departing Sydney and our destinations and shore excursions, are perfect for:

When do Carnival cruises from Australia 2022 go on sale?

Carnival cruises from Australia 2022 are on sale and online for you to explore, book and set sail in 2022 to a range of Australian and International destinations.

How much is a cruise from Australia for 2022?

Prices for cruises from Australia 2022 vary, depending on your cruise destination, duration and selected accommodation and dining.