Cruise from Brisbane 2021

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Carnival sets sail from Brisbane in 2021 on board the action-packed Carnival Spirit from the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal at Luggage Point.

Cruises from Brisbane in 2021 include:

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The journey is the destination onboard Carnival Spirit with:

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Take your pick from these amazing experiences, activities and dining options onboard:

and much more onboard Carnival Spirit!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Carnival Spirit is your home away from home when you set sail in a range of Brisbane 2021 cruise deals.

Does Carnival cruise from Brisbane?

Carnival cruises in family-friendly style from Brisbane on board the state-of-the-art Carnival Spirit.

Where do cruise ships dock in Brisbane?

All cruise ships, including Carnival Spirit, dock at the new Brisbane International Cruise Terminal at Luggage Point.

With convenient Brisbane Airport access, cruise lovers can fly in and set sail to a range of Queensland and international destinations on board your fun-spirited Carnival cruise.

When do Carnival cruises from Brisbane 2021 come out?

Carnival cruise deals from Brisbane 2021 are already in circulation. You can choose from a selection of cruises aboard Carnival Spirit, including:

Are there short cruises from Brisbane?

The short cruise offerings from Brisbane include the three-night Getaway cruise deals.

These are designed to provide an irresistible taste of seafaring fun and adventure for families of all ages.

How to book 2021 cruises from Brisbane at Carnival?

Booking your Brisbane 2021 cruise holiday online at Carnival Cruise Line is quick, easy and informative. Carnival offers a range of Brisbane 2021 cruise deals for short or longer trips.

Simply choose the cruise and departure date that’s right for you, select the perfect accommodation options for you and your family, and your Carnival booking can be completed with minimum fuss and maximum anticipation levels.