Cruise from Sydney 2021

Plan your dream holiday.


The year 2021 can be yours for the making and taking with the range of cruises from Sydney in 2021 at Carnival Cruise Line Australia.

You can book cruises including our three-night Getaway cruises, tour Australian hot spots, or channel the exotic allure of the South Pacific on longer 2021 cruise deals from Sydney.

Natural wonders of Moreton Island, Tasmania, and South Pacific paradise are all within reach.

Don’t forget to pack your passport (with at least six months’ validation after your cruise date) for port visits to international destinations.


What happens on a Cruise from Sydney?

The Overseas Passenger Terminal in the historic Rocks precinct is your state-of-the-art departure point.

An all-ages party atmosphere starts from the moment you step on board. The family will be enthralled and on the go with:

and endlessly more on your Carnival cruise from Sydney in 2021.

You Choose the Way you Cruise!

You can all indulge in as much or as little as you see fit, because your accommodation, huge selection of food and on-board activities are part of every Carnival cruise deal.

The adults can restore and replenish body and soul with pristine spa treatments, high-rolling action at the casino, engage in musical theatre, dance the night away and simply soak up the party spirit.

There is also a selection of inviting lounges and bars and a variety of dining options with flavours to savour on board your Carnival cruise from Sydney in 2021.

The best part is that Cruises from Sydney in 2021 are available to book online today!

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the cheapest cruise from Sydney in 2021?

The three-night Getaway cruises provide a taste of family-friendly cruising at prices to suit most budgets.

Setting sail from Sydney Harbour, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House as your awe-inspiring setting, provides the perfect starting point for an unforgettable family adventure.

When will Carnival release 2021 cruises from Sydney?

Carnival has already released an enticing selection of 2021 cruise deals online for a range of cruises that offer short and longer voyages to dream destinations throughout Australia and Internationally.

When is the best time to book cruises from Sydney for 2021?

Simply, put, the best time to book your Carnival cruises departing Sydney in 2021 is online now and at any time.

Are Carnival cruises from Sydney worth it?

Carnival cruises from Sydney are not only worth it, but they are also worth their weight in gold. The family-friendly prices on all Carnival cruises entice for their monetary and all-ages experiential value.

Whether it is an action-packed Getaway cruise deal, four-night cruises to Moreton Island, five-night cruise deals to Tasmania, including visits to Hobart and Port Arthur, Carnival places your worthwhile family cruise well within reach.