2022 Airlie Beach Cruises

Experience the magical Airlie Beach with Carnival!


There aren’t many better ways to relax and get away from it all than with an Airlie Beach cruise in 2022.

Take a visit to the world-famous Whitehaven Beach, enjoy a sailing trip or high-speed catamaran across the turquoise waters, or hike in the Conway National Park.

Relax with a full day tour of the Whitsundays and laze on some of the best beaches in the world.

If action is more your thing, swim and snorkel the coral reefs, or take a scenic flight and see nature’s beauty from above.

And have a lot of fun and adventure getting there, with more than 45 activities onboard.


Commonly Asked Questions

What to expect on a cruise to Airlie beach?

An Airlie Beach cruise in 2022 offers a load of fun for couples and families including:

Do cruise ships stop at Airlie Beach?

Who wouldn’t want to stop at Airlie Beach? With an Airlie Beach cruise in 2022 you’ll leave from Brisbane or Sydney, and go up through the magnificent Whitsundays. We’ll anchor offshore next to the stunning Airlie Beach marina, where you can enjoy a full day tour of Airlie Beach and everything it has to offer.

How long does it take to cruise to Airlie beach?

The laid-back nature of an Airlie Beach cruise in 2022 begins the second you hop on board. Sailing from either Sydney or Brisbane, there are a lots Airlie Beach cruise options. Leave Brisbane at 4pm, spend two nights at sea and arrive fresh at 7am ready for a day of magic. Leave from Sydney at 4pm on Day 1 and arrive early on Day 4. That’s not including any other stops along the way.

How to get cheap cruise tickets to Airlie beach?

Carnival has a range of Airlie Beach cruises in 2022 available now, for great prices. Bookmark this page to discover everything you want to know about an Airlie Beach cruise in 2022.

Are there cruises to Airlie beach in 2022?

Airlie Beach cruises in 2022 are both a destination and a journey. Take a direct Airlie Beach cruise, or make it part of a longer sailing trip. Our Great Barrier Reef and Papua New Guinea cruises in 2022 include a day visit to Airlie Beach. Our Airlie Beach cruises in 2022 include trips that last for four and seven to 11 days.