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Melbourne, Australia

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  • Carnival cruise destination from Australia, Melbourne.
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Explore Melbourne, Australia

Short Cruises: Melbourne, Australia

This city is the capital of cool. The sultan of style. The master of majorly trendy. Well, you get the picture. It’s a pretty happening place. Especially when it comes to shopping. We recommend you come with an empty suitcase and a full purse to take full advantage of Melbourne’s retail wares because no one goes home empty handed on this trip.

And if shopping isn’t your (shopping) bag, there’s plenty of other stuff to keep you busy. If you’re a sports nut you can check out the famous MCG to see where all the action happens. You can discover why Victoria is called the ‘Garden State’ (hint: it’s because it has really pretty gardens). Or you can just jump on a tram or get lost in the maze of laneways.

So if you’re cool as a cucumber, hip as a hipster and stylish in your sleep, you’ll totally fit in in funky Melbourne town.

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