Cruises to the South Pacific 2023

Embrace paradise today.


South Pacific cruises in 2023 mean white sand, pristine beaches, tropical rainforests, and some of the best hospitality you will ever encounter.

Cruising the South Pacific with Carnival means visiting some of the most beautiful islands on earth, and experiencing everything they have to offer.

Enjoy the friendly people of French Polynesia, Vanuatu, and Fiji, and marvel at the magnificent marine life and natural beauty of the whole region.

Cruising to the South Pacific with Carnival also means making the most of more than more than 45 activities onboard.

With one of our South Pacific Island cruises in 2023, you and your family will make memories that will last forever.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Are there South Pacific islands cruises in 2023?

What better way to get away from it all and relax than with one of our South Pacific Island cruises in 2023. A Carnival cruise from Sydney and Brisbane, Australia can take you to some amazing places for visits and shore excursions including:

What islands make up the South Pacific?

There are about 180 islands in the South Pacific, and about 40 of them are inhabited. Our South Pacific Island cruises in 2023 visit a fair few of them, mostly from the three main countries in the area:

When is the best time to cruise to the South Pacific?

There really is no bad time to go cruising to the South Pacific. And that’s why we offer South Pacific Island cruises from Sydney and Brisbane most months of the year. You can escape the Australian winter or enjoy the stunning South Pacific summer.

What is the weather like in the South Pacific?

There’s a lot of great things about our South Pacific Island cruises in 2023, including the:

What are the best cruises to the South Pacific Islands in 2023?

Keep updating this page to find the best South Pacific Island cruises in 2023 for you and your family. There are plenty of great deals and a heap of dates to choose from.