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Majestic New Zealand

Cruises to Napier


At the southern end of Hawkes Bay you’ll find Napier. This may surprise you, but Napier is the art deco capital of the world. In 1931 a massive earthquake and fire destroyed the city.

Within two years the town was rebuilt in the style of the era – art deco. To make Napier even more unique, traditional Maori motifs give the city unmistakable New Zealand character.

Napier also happens to be perfect grape growing climate. It has some of the oldest wineries and winemaking establishments in the country. So take a wine tour or take a stroll along the Marine Parade that runs along the city’s shore.

It’s a great way to take it all in. Yes, Napier is definitely worth a visit. It captures the true spirit of art deco and the optimism of the roaring twenties.

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