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Fiji Cruises

Where do we cruise to in Fiji?


What can you do in Fiji?

Carnival's Pacific Islands Cruises can be summarised in one word: Nirvana. Fiji boasts palm-fringed beaches, fish-packed reefs and smiling locals.

What more could you want?

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You're in cruise control to..

Chill Out

Stay spell bound by astounding natural beauty from dreamy daybreak to stunning sunset in a pacific paradise.

Seek out

Explore local villages, immerse yourself in breathtaking waterfalls or fly through the forest on a flying fox adventure.

Dive in

Dip beneath the waves and snorkel in beautiful tropical waters. Discover vibrant fish and coral life and explore the underwater world.

Hang out

Sample the delicious food and find a bargain at the markets while you meet friendly locals in the bustling towns and villages.