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New Caledonia Cruises

DISCOVER tropical New Caledonia WITH CARNIVAL

There's no better way to holiday in the Pacific Islands than to cruise to New Caledonia with Carnival!

Combine the white-sand magic of a South Pacific Island destination with the elegance of Europe on a New Caledonia cruise.

Cruises range from 7 to 12 nights on your New Caledonia cruise from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

So many activities and experiences to uncover:




From gourmet restaurants to casual market food, from the bright colours of Chinatown to the understated elegance of fashion boutiques, the nation's cosmopolitan capital mixes French style with Pacific charm.

Lifou Isle

A breathtaking coral atoll fringed with white beaches and pristine reefs teaming with marine life, Lifou will leave you spell bound from dreamy daybreak to stunning sunset.


For untouched beauty that's off the beaten path, is there a more perfect destination to feel the stresses of life ebb away to leave you relaxed and revitalised?

Isle of Pines

Also known as the "Jewel of the Pacific". Say no more. White sand beaches, crystal clear waters and welcoming locals, Isle of Pines is a place you'll never forget.


Let Carnival look after you!

Journey in Style

With so many decks of fun, adventure and relaxation, your holiday begins before you have arrived at your destination.

Rest Easy

Put your feet up in one of our spacious cabins as you sip champagne and relax in your own private sanctuary.


Feast on a smorgasbord of gourmet dining options. Try a variety of delicious options at our international food plaza or a romantic dinner onboard Carnival.

Get Soaking Wet

Choose fun with Carnival on board and experience a waterpark while you sail.

There is something for everyone on our cruises to New Caledonia!

Commonly Asked Questions

Where is New Caledonia?

New Caledonia is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean to the south of Vanuatu.

New Caledonia is a French collective under the Noumea Accord, which comprises a main island called Grand Terre, the Loyalty Islands and several smaller islands. A massive barrier reef surrounds the main island, making it a scuba-diving dream destination.

Do you need a passport to cruise to New Caledonia?

If you're travelling to New Caledonia or any international port, a valid passport with six months’ validation following your cruise departure date is required.

What to pack for a cruise to New Caledonia?

You should initially bring a separate bag containing swimwear, a change of clothing and any necessary extras while your suitcases are being delivered to your room.

Longer term, you should pack swimwear, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Comfortable clothing and footwear that is suitable for warm weather and cool conditions are advised.

Don’t forget to also pack a variety of clothing for all types of entertainment onboard your New Caledonia cruise with Carnival.

What cruises go to New Caledonia?

No matter where you’re based in Australia, you can set your sights on the multicultural island delights of New Caledonia.

Carnival sets sail to New Caledonia on a range of Pacific Islands cruise deals. You can cruise to New Caledonia from Sydney on 7 to 12-night Pacific Islands cruises.

Cruiser goers can drift away to the South Pacific from Melbourne on 11 and 12-night cruise deals to the Pacific Islands. Carnival Spirit also departs from Brisbane on 7 and 12-night Pacific Islands cruise deals.