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Cruises to Hobart


There’s definitely something fishy about Hobart. Get it - because of all the fish, oh never mind. There are plenty to catch and of course plenty to eat.

But Hobart had some bigger fish to fry back in the 1830’s when it was a whaling city. Ok, technically they’re not fish, but you know what we mean. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll spot one.

That is if you can take your eyes off the spectacular Mt Wellington that hogs the Hobart skyline of course. The mountain is about 1300m high and is suitable for hiking (or driving if you don’t have the energy). You’ll have to hold on tight if you reach the top though - it’s pretty blustery up there.

And if you’d rather stay on ground level, the waterfront is the perfect place for a wee stroll amongst all the 19th century warehouses have that been transformed into all sorts of modern things. Sure, Hobart isn’t a whaling town now, but you’re still guaranteed a whale of a time nonetheless. Boom tish.

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