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Hair & Beauty Salon

Helloooo, gorgeous! Yes, we’re talking to you. Because after you’ve met with our experienced staff, you’ll be seeing your best self ever. Our European-style salon is staffed with trained professionals who specialize in pampering you and bringing out all your best features. Whether it’s a glamorous up do for evening or just a great cut, new color or deep conditioning for your hair and scalp, our staff is here to make it happen. Don’t forget to give your hands and feet some attention with a luxurious manicure and pedicure. You’ll be feeling brand-new from head to pampered toe in no time.

This Experience Is Available On: All ships.
  • It’s time for a makeover.

    It’s time for a makeover.

  • Beautiful view for a beautiful you.

    Beautiful view for a beautiful you.

  • Prettify yourself all over.

    Prettify yourself all over.

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