Northernmost Scotland

Lerwick (Shetland Islands), UK
Moderate Activity Level
No Minimum Age
4.15 hours
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Enjoy this scenic tour of Northmavine, the northernmost part of Shetland. Take in a beautiful fusion of picturesque villages, unforgettable landscapes and breathtaking coastlines. You’ll begin your tour with a drive toward Northmavine, crossing the Mavis Grind isthmus, which is said to be the only place in the UK where you can toss a stone across land from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. Once in Northmavine, you’ll start with a tour of the Tangwick Haa Museum, a 17th-century house on a large estate built for the Cheyne family, located at Ashaness. It houses a fascinating collection of artifacts that provide great insight into the harsh life of people living in remote areas during that period. Once done, take a break for some refreshments at the Braewick Café, then continue on to the Eshaness Lighthouse, which sits atop amazing cliffs and was built in 1929 by David and Charles Stevenson. David and Charles were uncles of Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous novelist who wrote such works as “Treasure Island” and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Eshaness is the last of the Lighthouse Stevensons, an amazing series of Scottish lighthouses, to be built in Shetland. At the lighthouse, you can opt to take a short walk to the cliff summit and see the amazing views. Afterward, you will return to your ship.