Scalloway Castle & Shetland Ponies

Lerwick (Shetland Islands), UK
Moderate Activity Level
No Minimum Age
2.5 hours
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Get to know some Shetland history and experience a fun-filled day! After departing your ship, you’ll travel across a landscape of peat- and heather-covered moors to Scalloway and Scalloway Castle. You’ll have the chance to tour the keep and the ruins of the castle built by Patrick Stewart, the 2nd Earl of Orkney, who was widely regarded as a tyrant. He built the castle in the 1599 in order to tighten his grip on Shetland. You’ll then visit the Scalloway Museum and see an exhibit on the Shetland Bus, a secret fleet of boats that carried British agents to Norway to perform acts of sabotage against the occupying Germans. After, head over to a local stud farm, where you’ll have a chance to visit the delightful and famous Shetland ponies. After your tour, you’ll head back to your ship.