Black Friday and Cyber Monday Cruise Deals

This time of year — the holiday season — is definitely a special one. It’s a time for togetherness, and there’s nothing that brings you and your family, your friends, your neighbors together like joining up on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean, Bahamas or another top destination.

If you don’t have a cruise on your calendar… that’s actually perfect!

“Carnival, are you serious?” you may ask.

We sure are! It means you’ve probably got time to cruise, and now’s the perfect time to unwrap a fun cruise vacation from Carnival. And because National Save A Lot On A Cruise Week is here, you’re gonna love the cruise sales on the way.

“Tell me more about this week” we hear you thinking. (Weird, right?) First of all, we should let you know that this is not an official thing, and we just made up that name. But it’s definitely still real, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday all happening within a few days of each other.

These holiday deals are as special as a cruise to Hawaii and as cool as one to Alaska.

Time to enjoy big discounted cruise rates, free room upgrades, onboard credit, low deposits and more!

Hurry! And get them on