Street Eats

Some of the world’s favorite flavors aren’t found in restaurants, but served up on the street in trucks, stalls and carts where presentation takes a backseat to flavor, convenience… and quality. After all, when you’re just feet from the chef, you can tell they’re cooking to impress! Street Eats is Carnival’s tribute to this food phenomenon, debuting aboard Mardi Gras™ with an ever-changing series of grab-and-go dishes. This open-air spot features three stations — one that specializes in steamed stuff like bao buns and siu mai, one that puts the “skill” in skillet with the likes of kebab and satay, and — oh yes — the station that fries up favorites like empanadas and falafel. Aboard Mardi Gras you may be far from the street, but flavor’s right around the corner.

The Details

Meal Time: Lunch
Cost: Included