Carnival has your pressure points covered with a range of cruise ship acupuncture and Chinese medicinal therapeutic services.

Even if you’re onboard and on the open waters, alternative and traditional remedies are always close at hand with Carnival’s licensed acupuncturists and all cruise ship medical care provided by highly qualified cruise ship doctors.

Our cruise ships offer qualified acupuncture care that is designed to target and relieve all your trouble spots. If you’re suffering from back pain, arthritis, digestive disorders and more, or simply seek to overhaul your internal system holistically and effectively, you should make an appointment with the qualified acupuncturist on your next Carnival cruise. You’ll not only gain a new lease on life, but an acupuncture session will also revive your spirit of adventure.

With the cruise acupuncture specialists, you’ll be fighting fit in no time — with pinpoint accuracy. Simply book an appointment with your cruise acupuncturist if and when the need or inclination arises on your Carnival cruise.

The Details

Age Range: 18+
Cost: Additional