Giving is receiving in the range of cruise ship massage therapy treatments on offer at Carnival. Spa Carnival™ is set to soothe any outlying frazzled nerves and restore your physical and mental wellbeing.

Cruise ship passengers aged 18 years and above can select from a range of massage therapy for an additional cost, including seaweed for detoxifying, herbal poultice to revive energy levels, bamboo for deep tissue relief and hot stones for heat-seeking perfection.

Highly qualified cruise ship massage therapists are at hand, so to speak, to provide rejuvenating spa treatments and massage therapy while you float your cares away on your Carnival cruise holiday. Our massage therapists are all highly qualified in their chosen discipline of traditional and alternative massage therapy and spa treatments. Their healing hands are expertly equipped to knead out any trouble spots and fulfil your every massage therapy needs.

You’ll not only be feeling good, but also better than ever, when you indulge in a soothing massage or spa treatment with Carnival’s expert masseuses.

The Details

Age Range: 18+
Cost: Additional