Cloud 9 Spa: Thermal Suite

While you’re drifting on the open seas, you can also float on Cloud 9, quite literally, with Carnival’s Cloud 9 Spa: Thermal Suite.

Carnival’s Cloud 9 Spa: Thermal Suite is a dedicated relaxation zone that provides the ideal temperature warmth, which is painstakingly formulated by master climate artists. Once your heat-seeking equilibrium has been restored, you can choose from spa rooms offering soothing dry-style heat of the Laconicum and Tepidarium or be ‘mist’ified by the demystifying Oriental or Aroma steam baths. You can also make a splash in the Thalassotherapy pool and indulge in a range of massage therapy treatments, including facials and body wraps, at Cloud 9 Spa: Thermal Suite.

The benefits of a thermal suite treatment are priceless. Not only do they feel like heaven on Earth (at sea), but their demystifying essence serves health-giving and reviving functions. Thermal suites firstly cleanse the skin by opening and removing toxins from your pores, but they also stimulate circulation, revive your senses and help the body to heal and restore. The calcium deposits that are removed from the blood vessels during a thermal suite treatment can also help to break down scar tissue.

Cruise guests aged 18 years and above can drop by Cloud 9 Spa: Thermal Suite to secure your Carnival Thermal Suite pass. You can also make an appointment for your preferred and perfectly climate-controlled thermal suite spa treatment on your next Carnival cruise adventure exclusively onboard Carnival Splendor.

Thermal suite spa treatments with Carnival Cruise Line are pure bliss for body and soul.

The Details

Age Range: 18+
Cost: Additional