Winter Cruise Deals

Chase the sun!

Escape the cold and gloomy weather

If you hate being cooped up at home over the winter months – and who doesn’t – a winter cruise is the perfect escape for your whole family.

It might be cold where you are, but the winter months will seem a long way away when you take a winter cruise to the South Pacific, the Great Barrier Reef, or Airlie Beach.

And if you love the romance of winter – open fires, snuggly nights in and romantic adventures, we have winter cruise destinations for you, too!

Book a winter cruise 2021 deal today and make the most of the wide variety of winter cruise destinations on offer.




Relax on the white sandy beaches of this majestic island.

Lifou Isle

A gem of the South Pacific, Lifou will have you in heaven.

Mystery Island

Unwind on the tiny but beautiful spot in Vanuatu.


The capital city of New Caledonia provides stunning views.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can you go on a cruise in winter?

Leave the winter season behind and create a holiday to remember in a tropical paradise. Our cruise ships don’t stop when the temperature drops. Instead, go to the sun, and take the fun with you, including:

What to pack for a winter cruise?

A winter cruise is no different to any other when it comes to luggage. Pack what you need for fun and adventure.

What to wear on a winter cruise?

A Carnival winter cruise gives you the chance to show off your style, or relax in your comfy favourites – or both. Packing for a winter cruise means including clothes for a wide variety of weather, just in case, but you’ll also need to dress for:

Are cruises cheaper in the winter?

Carnival has some great winter cruise deals, whether you’re departing from Sydney or Brisbane. Find a cruise that’s right for you, and check out the:

Where should I go on a cruise in winter?

The winter months mean fun when it comes to our unforgettable winter cruise destinations. You can choose from: