POOL DAY! Cruising the high seas combined with some of the best cruise ship pools at sea to float your cruise-going dreams at Carnival. Whether today's the day for a bit of a dip, a dash of splash or even some swimming — or just a serious poolside lounging session — your Carnival cruise has just the pool for you. In fact, a cruise ship pool is so important to a great cruise that we designed our ships to have a few of them. At an aft pool you'll catch a breeze, plus a sea view featuring the ship's wake, while midship pools are adjacent to that oh so sweet ice-cream spot! And no matter which you find yourself chilling in, the sunbeams are there for the taking! And our cruise ship pools are only part of the aqua park fun. Our Twister Waterslide and Green Lightning waterslides are fun for all ages, as are our dive-in movies and Waterworks water park. And don’t forget our other family outdoor activities such as mini golf.

The Details

Age Range: Fun for All
Cost: Included
  Note: Children must be toilet trained (no diapers or swim diapers) in order to use the pools and water facilities.