Carnival Waterworks

Wanna splish — and splash — the day away? Head on over to Carnival WaterWorks™, our onboard waterpark, for the ultimate fun. First up, there's Carnival’s Twister Waterslide™, hundreds of feet of spiraling awesomeness that starts you off high in the air and gets you down low with one of the fastest, wettest rides you'll find anywhere. Or you can take the epic plunge from our Green Thunder and Green Lightning slides.

The great news is our ultimate cruise waterpark is not the only kids fun onboard. Stay wet with any of our popular pools and dive-in movies. Daredevils will love our Bolt sea coaster. Or perhaps you’d prefer the slower pace with our mini golf course. And there’s plenty for kids of all ages to do indoors as well, including Camp Ocean and our fitness centre.

The Details

Age Range: Fun for All
Cost: Included