3 Day Cruises

Play the day away today!

Get a taste of life onboard with Carnival

We love to welcome both new and experienced cruisers to our ships. When it comes to getting a sample of what life at sea is like, you can’t beat one of our 3 day short cruises.

From catching a movie by the poolside to relaxing in your cabin as the waves brush against the ship.

To help you enjoy your getaway, we pack our 3 day cruises with exciting entertainment and opportunities for rejuvenating relaxation.

Our getaway cruises are a great choice for the busy cruiser who's on the go. You can pack a lot of fun into our 3 day cruises, there are dozens of ways to make the most of your time with us.



If you believe that flexibility is half the fun when it comes to enjoying a holiday, you’ll feel at home with us.

We know that your desires will change from one moment to the next.

If you want to top your thunder water slide experience with a tequila-laden cocktail, try us.

At Carnival, we work hard to ensure our 3 day cruises feature something for everyone.