3 Day Cruises

Play the day away today!

Get a taste of life onboard with Carnival

Now more than ever, it’s easy to appreciate the attraction of a few days away, surrounded by nothing but the calmness of the ocean.

A Carnival Cruise Line quick getaway can do wonders, whether you spend it relaxing, or making memories that will last a long time.

A 3 day, 3 night cruise aboard Carnival Splendor from Sydney is perfect for families, singles, and couples.

Use the activities onboard to rejuvenate your mind and body, be entertained, or make the most of the fun and adventure.

Sail from our Sydney or Brisbane departure ports and enjoy the cruise deals on offer today.



If you believe that flexibility is half the fun when it comes to enjoying a holiday, you’ll feel at home with us.

We know that your desires will change from one moment to the next.

If you want to top your snorkel-wearing thunder water slide experience with a tequila-laden cocktail, try us.

At Carnival, we work hard to ensure our 3 day cruises feature something for everyone.

Commonly Asked Questions

What should you pack for a 3 day cruise?

A 3 day cruise is called a getaway cruise for a reason. It allows you to get away from it all for a few days and take a much-needed break. A short getaway cruise is perfect whether you want to simply recharge the batteries, or pack in as much fun as possible with more than 45 activities onboard, including:

It’s simple. Pack for what you want to do. View cruise details below.

Do 3 day cruises have a formal night?

Stylish night-ins are what we do with 3 day cruises in Australia. And we also like to mix things up a bit. So, if entertainment is your thing, then you’ll feel right at home. If you want to get dressed up on our short stay cruises, keep an eye out for any special occasion deals, or make the most of the fun-filled nights available on every mini cruise, including:

Is a 3 day cruise long enough?

You can do as little or as much as you like on a long weekend cruise. Not only is a 3 day cruise the perfect romantic weekend away, but it’s also great as a first-time sampler cruise if you want to get a taste of how much fun a getaway on a cruise ship can be. Once you’re hooked, check out some of our other great cruise deals with world class shore excursions, including:

What is the average price of a 3 day cruise?

The best way to find the AUD prices of short break weekend getaways is to search through our great deals. All you need to do is work out your preferred date and where you want to depart from. We have:

And you can keep up to date with all the special offers and latest travel information here.