Short Cruises From Sydney

Your journey begins here!

When you’re seeking a few nights of relaxation and freedom, try one of our short cruises from Sydney.

After setting off from one of the world’s most famous ports, you’ll embark on an adventure involving:

If you’re new to short cruises, trying one of our short cruises from Sydney is an excellent way to whet your appetite.

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Short cruises from Sydney that are perfect for exploring

Would you like to watch dolphins swimming?

Maybe you prefer the idea of exploring Moreton Island’s shores?

While our short cruises from Sydney are brief in nature, they have plenty to offer in terms of experiences.

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Let Carnival take you to Paradise

If you want to make the most of life at sea, pay a visit to one of our tequila bars before trying tasty dishes from around the world.

With our talented chefs, your life on the waves will leave you feeling as though you’re visiting a far-flung destination.

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