4 Day Cruises

Enjoy a feast of fun!

Feel the relaxation in the air with Carnival

A 4-day cruise holiday with Carnival offers a lot more than you bargained for. Set sail on our family-friendly 4-day cruises. We offer 4-day cruises to the Great Barrier Reef, Moreton Island and other must-see Australian destinations.

Our 4-day cruise offerings include Brisbane to Airlie Beach, Sydney to Tasmania and more fun destinations.

Whether you want to grab some wine from Tasmania or explore Queensland’s best zoos, we have a day trip you’ll love.

So, choose from one of our 4-day cruise options and you’ll be sure to make the most of your extra-long weekend with Carnival.


Why choose one of the

Alongside our sumptuous facilities, we have an exciting entertainment program that’ll suit all tastes.

If watching someone perform isn’t your thing, you can venture to our poolside to relax, swim, or even watch a movie.

While you take a break from our onboard activities, you can refresh yourself with a cocktail, enjoy in-room dining, or take a nap.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are 4-day cruises worth it?

4-day cruises offer extra value in family savings to be made, coupled with enriching new experiences to be gained and friendships in the making on your 4-day cruise holidays.

What to do on a 4-day cruise at night?

We offer a range of entertainment options to love the nightlife with formal and more relaxed occasions for celebrating in style.

How much does a 4-day cruise cost?

The cost of your 4-day cruise depends on the accommodation type you choose from our family-friendly staterooms. Your departure date, departure point and destination also determine the extra value-packed price of your 4-day cruise with Carnival.

What should I pack for a 4 day cruise?

You should bring a small suitcase, for check-in, packed with your clothing, footwear, toiletries, and extras. Pack lightly for long, dreamy days by the pool, party attire for night-time fun and smart-casual gear for all our food, entertainment and cruise ship retail options.

You should also pack a carry-on bag with boarding-day essentials for your 4-day cruise. Don’t forget to bring all-important travel documents and a spirit for adventure on the Carnival 4-day cruise of your dreams.