3 Day Cruises

Play the day away today!

Get a taste of life onboard with Carnival

The 3-day cruises at Carnival offer unlimited features and extra value in a long-weekend family cruise holiday.

Firstly, they’re kid friendly, which also results in adult relaxation, offering 3-day cruises within Australia, including 3-night cruises from Sydney and 3-day cruises from Brisbane.

Secondly, our 3-day cruise packages are matched by affordable cruise prices. Hop aboard our fun ships for locally bound fun-filled 3-day short getaway cruises.

Last, but not least: don’t forget to cross check your packing list before setting sail. You won’t need to pack much, but be sure to pack your spirit of fun on a 3-day family cruise with Carnival.



If you believe that flexibility is half the fun when it comes to enjoying a holiday, you’ll feel at home with us.

We know that your desires will change from one moment to the next.

If you want to top your thunder water slide experience with a tequila-laden cocktail, try us.

At Carnival, we work hard to ensure our 3 day cruises feature something for everyone.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are 3-day cruises worth it?

3-day cruises are not only worth it, but they also present the most worthwhile and enjoyable long weekend prospects for a taste of cruise-going fun with Carnival.

How much does a 3-day cruise cost?

A 3-day cruise with Carnival varies in price, according to the 3-day cruise destination, date, departure point and your accommodation type.

What to pack for a 3-day cruise?

Pack lightly, but make sure you bring an abundant supply of adventurous spirit. Swimwear, sunscreen, hat and a party outfit usually cover all bases. Don’t forget to also pack essential travel documents.

Do 3-day cruises have a formal night?

Carnival is renowned for offering Elegant nights in fun-filled style onboard your 3-day cruises and of course all of the longer-style cruises. Look smart, but get set to have a blast with the atmosphere onboard our entertainment-oriented cruise ships.

Do I need travel insurance for a 3-day cruise?

Travel insurance is recommended for a 3-day cruise and all cruises on offer at Carnival. While travel insurance may not be required, there’s an old saying that still rings true: it’s better to be safe than sorry.