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Already Booked: Check-In Online

You've booked your Carnival cruise, so now what? 

Then it's time to check-in. You'll need to have your Booking Name, Booking Reference Number, Valid Passport and Credit Card Details on hand to complete all of your check-in details. Your actual check-in time can be selected 3 months before you sail. Please note you cannot print off your boarding pass until you have paid in full.

View Your Booking - use this to verify your travel information, including
such things as date of sailing.

Update personal details

Update Your Personal Details - provide your address, passport and
other important information.

Onboard account

Set-up Your Onboard Account - to help make your holiday hassle-free,
we use a cash-less credit program for onboard expenses.

View & Print Your Cruise Documents - this includes your Itinerary,
Luggage Tags and Boarding Pass.

Select check in time

Select Check-In Time - choose a time from those available to check-in
at the cruise terminal on embarkation day.

For more cruising information, have a read of the above tabs. We have checklists to make sure you don't forget anything pre-departure, travel requirements, port information, suggestions on what to pack, and most importantly, some valuable tips about life onboard.