Life Onboard

Find out what to expect on your cruise.

Below is a general overview to help you settle in to life onboard quickly and smoothly. Most importantly, have a fantastic time and don't be shy to ask the staff for anything you are unsure about!

Locating your room & getting around

It is easier to remember where things are by deck number rather than deck name.

When facing towards the front of the ship:

  • Port is on your left, starboard is on your right
  • Fore is towards the front, aft is towards the back

Rooms with even numbers are on the port side and odd numbers on the starboard side and are numbered from the front of the ship

Your first day
  • Lunch will be served, on Lido Deck, (Deck 9), from start of boarding until the safety briefing (known as Muster).
  • Luggage is loaded onboard throughout the day.
  • Due to the quantity of luggage to be loaded it may take a few hours until your luggage is delivered so always bring essentials in your carry-on bag - including swimmers for the kids!
  • The dress code in the dining room for embarkation day is 'come as you are'. Footwear must be worn at all times.

If you have any special dietary requirements and you haven't notified Carnival in advance, contact the Restaurant Hostess or maitre'd once boarded. They are located at the Empire Restaurant, from 2.30pm, Deck 2 aft.

The dinner menu is usually displayed each day outside the Empire Restaurant and on your interactive TV.

Showtime in the Empire Dining Room - don't miss this, the maitre'd and her staff do all they can to ensure you have fun.

When the ship is in port, breakfast is available from both the Empire Dining Room and at Lido Restaurant. Lunch is only available from Lido. If you wish you can leave the ship after breakfast, return for lunch and then go ashore again.

To avoid peak times at the buffet, have another round of mini-golf or enjoy that extra splash in the pool.

Your room
  • Safe - each room has a room safe operated with a magnetic strip.
  • Coat hangers are provided - additional coat hangers and pillows may be available, ask your room steward.
  • Powerpoints - a 240v standard 3-pin Australian powerpoint is in each stateroom. Multi-plug box outlets/power boards are not permitted onboard. However, should you require a multi-plug box/power board, please ask your room steward who will be able to supply you one for the duration of your cruise.
  • Banned electrical devices or devices determined to pose a safety hazard, will be confiscated and returned the last day of the cruise prior to debark.
    NOTE: You must unplug your powerboard when you leave your room. This is a safety requirement.
  • When returning to your stateroom at night, please do so quietly, others may be sleeping.
  • Consider your neighbours at night, particularly if you are on your balcony.
Money onboard

With Carnival you can enjoy cashless cruising by paying for shipboard expenses with your Sail & Sign Card which can be activated by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or AMEX) or debit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Eftpos works only with the Australian ATM’s in port and cannot be used at ATM’s onboard.

You can check your onboard account on the Carnival Hub App, at the Sail & Sign kiosks on Deck 2 or at the Guest Services desk, on Deck 2.

Cash can be paid on your Sail and Sign card at the Guest Services Desk or the Sail & Sign Kiosk.

Additionally, ATM facilities are available onboard but you should not rely on this for your cash. ATMs heavily rely on satellite connectivity which may affect them onboard. It may not be attended to until the ship returns to Sydney. Fees apply for the ATMs. The ATM issues Australian notes.

When travelling with children

Please remind your little ones to be considerate of other guests, and try to avoid "playing" on decks where there are rooms.


There is an iron and ironing board in each laundry. Early mornings and nights are the quiet times in the laundries, they get busy before “Elegant Night".

Theme Nights

Theme nights are part of the fun onboard and feature on all Carnival cruises. Dependent on the length of your cruise, you will have a certain number of Cruise Elegant evenings, and theme night parties onboard. During these days, you will notice extra activities and events that happen around the ship, as well as special menus in the main dining room. Below is an outline of what to expect based on the length of your cruise:

  • 3, 4 & 5 night: Cruise Elegant evening and 80s Rock 'n' Glow Deck Party
  • 6 nights or longer cruise: Two Cruise Elegant evenings, Mexican Fiesta Deck Party, 80s Rock 'n' Glow Deck Party & Caribbean/Island Theme Night in the dining room

You will be notified about what night each of these events are held in your daily 'Fun Times' newsletter once onboard.

Be ready to dance, sing and party the night away. We do not sell any costume merchandise onboard our ships, so it is best to come prepared and pack something before you leave.

Your last day

Breakfast is available before you leave the ship on the last day.

On leaving the ship, taxis are on Level 3 of the Overseas Passenger Terminal and all other transport, (private pick up, shuttle buses etc), will be on level 1. The pedestrian exit is also on Level 1.

Remember: Check your room very carefully before leaving. Don’t forget to empty your safe!