Travel Requirements

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Passports and Visas

For international cruises

(To destinations such as the South Pacific, New Zealand, Hawaii, Singapore); all guests must have a passport that is valid for 6 months after the date of the cruise return.

For domestic cruises

Australian residents must provide Government issued photo I.D or a Passport. Children must also have a Government issued ID or Passport. A current Medicare card can also be used for passengers under the age of 18. Please ensure that you bring this form of ID to check-in on the day of your cruise. International guests on a domestic cruise must have a passport that is valid for 6 months after the date of the cruise return.

Legal Guardians

Adults who are not the parents or legal guardians of any minor child (aged 17 years or under) who are travelling with them will be required to present the child's valid passport (and applicable visas) - for International cruises and for Domestic cruises, the child's birth certificate or certified copy. NB On a domestic cruise, the child will not be permitted to board with just a medicare card as ID, if the travelling adult is not named on that medicare card.

They will also need to bring an original letter signed by one of the parents or legal guardians, authorising the minor to travel on that specific cruise. This letter must state the travelling adult's name, and that they are authorised to travel with this particular minor on this particular cruise and date. This letter must authorise them to supervise the child, sign applicable waivers and permit any medical treatment that must be administered to the child. If such evidence is not produced the minor will not be allowed to travel.

Travelling to America?

Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, or ESTA, is an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program. ESTA applications may be submitted any time prior to travel. However, it is recommended travellers apply when they begin preparing travel plans. Please visit the website to see if you require a ESTA

Pregnancy Policy

Any Guest who has entered, or who will at any time during the cruise enter, the 24th week of estimated gestational age in her pregnancy, agrees not to book a cruise or board the ship as outlined in clause 21 of the Cruise Ticket Contract.

Accordingly, due to the limitations in medical care, both on board and in various ports of call, women who have entered their 24th week of pregnancy at any time during the time of the cruise will not be allowed to board or sail with the ship. Any pregnant woman who attempts to board the vessel who has entered her 24th week of pregnancy, or who will enter her 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age at any time during the cruise, risks denial of boarding and/or disembarkation without compensation or refund.

Travel Insurance

Carnival Cruise Line has a dedicated white label page for customers to purchase travel insurance online through Cover-More Travel Insurance click here.

If you would like to find out more in regards to whether you should get travel insurance, please visit the Smart Traveller website click here.