Kids Cruises

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Can't find a holiday that suits everyone?

When you choose Carnival for a kids cruise, you’re choosing fun for everyone. Whatever the age group, there’s so much to do and explore!

Whether it’s waterslides, pools, shows, crafts, games, educational activities, or family friendly food, a Carnival cruise ship is a family holiday to remember.

Kids of all ages will also love our destinations, with each of our shore excursions a chance to learn, explore and, yes, have even more fun.

Family travel with a Carnival kids cruise is a constant feast of activity, with plenty of room for peace and quiet for mum and dad as well.


We have the perfect thing for you and for your kids, and it’s called “Night Owls™”! For a nominal fee, kids 11 and under can fun it up with others their age until as late as 12am.

Find out more on Night Owls™.

At Camp Ocean®, 2–11 year-olds stay busy, keep active and have fun as they enjoy all new ocean-themed activities and entertainment made for kids.

Find out more on Camp Ocean®.

This is where young teens ages 12 to 14 go to hang out, meet new friends, and enjoy some pretty awesome activities like dance parties, games, outdoor movies and more, in the special Circle “C” area or around the ship.

Find out more on Circle "C".

Where to? Club O2. Hang out and do stuff like watch movies, listen to music from this decade, play sports and video games, join karaoke jam sessions… maybe even have a pool party or two, all with other high schoolers aged 15 to 17.

Find out more on Club O2.

All kids clubs are free until 9pm.

Enjoy Adult fun in total comfort!

Delight in a cocktail poolside or a delicious dinner at Nouveau, with our award winning Kids Clubs taking care of your children.


Unlike land based holidays, you’ll never hear "are we there yet?"

You’ll never have time to be bored, with activities like these:

and so much more!

Commonly Asked Questions

What cruise line is best for children?

When kids cruise on the family friendly Carnival Splendor and Carnival Spirit they create memories they’ll talk about forever. We’ve got:

What is a good age to take a child on a cruise?

Every age is a good age to go on a kids cruise, with our cruise ship packages offering everything from story time to a thrilling time.

And there’s plenty more to choose from.

How do you cruise with kids?

With kids cruise activities from mini golf to arcade games, they’ll never want to leave. Keep the kids entertained while you relax and have fun, and take advantage of the little things that make a difference.

What are the best family cruise holiday packages?

Carnival's family holidays mean you explore places and cultures together, giving your kids some amazing memories. The kids will love our short three, four and five-day cruises, where the fun never stops!