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  • Special service items cannot be added to a booking once we are 2 days or less to sailing.
  • Payment for third party purchases must be made at the time of adding the special service to the booking, and must be added to the booking at least 2 days prior to sailing.
  • Items purchased via the travel agent. Will automatically be added to the nett fare payable to us.
  • Items purchased by a direct passenger will be added to the final payment due to us (only if added prior to final payment date)
  • Once a booking is fully paid, you can only add an SSV item as a third party and the item must be paid for at the time of adding it to the booking.
  • Alcohol will not be delivered to the room. For pre-purchased wine, a voucher will be provided to the guest, which can be redeemed at Waterfront or any of the bars.
  • Flower items need to be added to a booking 7 days or more prior to sailing.