Last Minute Cruises from Brisbane

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Last minute cruises from Brisbane are the perfect chance to unwind and get away from it all for a weekend, a few days, or a week or two.

Spend time at sea enjoying the 45 activities onboard or travel to the magnificent Airlie Beach and while away the hours.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef for a trip of a lifetime, or fall in love with the places and the people of the South Pacific or Papua New Guinea.

Last minute cruises from Brisbane give you the freedom to take a memorable trip on short notice, and at a great price.

Commonly Asked Questions

Which cruises depart from Brisbane?

There’s never been a better time to look forward to a holiday. Whether it’s a weekend away, a few days relaxing, or a week or two in an amazing destination, last minute cruises from Brisbane could be exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve got some great last minute cruise deals departing Brisbane for you to choose from, including cruise holidays to:

Or take a few days and relax at sea with a Getaway from Brisbane.

Where do I find last minute cruise deals for Brisbane?

This is the page to keep an eye on for last minute cruises from Brisbane. Use the search filter below to find the best last minute cruise deals from Brisbane. As well as longer cruises, we’ve got some stunning Australian cruise holiday deals that allow you to escape and recharge your batteries for a few days. Click below for some short notice deals on cruises that go for:

Are there any cruises available from Brisbane?

We’re booking cruises from Brisbane to some amazing places today. And the best way to find them is simply to scroll down to Find a Cruise. We’ve got all the details sorted for you. All you need to think about when booking your cruise is:

And don’t forget to keep an eye on all the latest Carnival travel advice here.

What are destinations of last minute cruise from Brisbane?

All are cruise offers from Brisbane are potentially perfect for last minute cruise deals. There are no specific destinations that are always short notice favourites, so it pays to check back in whenever you can.

When is the best time to look for last minute cruises?

Cruise holidays to popular destinations at popular times of the year usually fill up pretty quick. So, think outside the square if you want to grab a great deal on last minute cruises from Brisbane.